Christina Watanabe



Christina was interviewed for Rosco's Spectrum.


Christina is the receipient of a 2019 Knights of Illumination award for her work on The Wild Party. Read more here.


"one [set design] well augmented by Christina Watanabe's free use of lighting"

-David DeWitt, NY Times


"the deft work of Mr. Prather, Ms. Palmer-Lane and the lighting designer, Christina Watanabe"

-Sylviane Gold, NY Times


"Christina Watanabe (lighting design) and Christian Frederickson (sound design) ease the transition into the episodes of Roswell-like visitation with visual and aural effects that are eerie (as they should be) and also gleefully humorous.

The lighting for a number of recent Off-Broadway plays has set a trend of plunging actors' faces into shadow for long periods, often through pages of crucial dialogue. In a production with numerous dark environments, Watanabe's lighting design for Nibbler keeps the players expressions visible even in the dimmest scenes."

- Charles Wright, CurtainUp

"Thanks to the addition of the stunning lights by Christina Watanabe, the images that were cast were magical...colors that melted into one another."

- Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

"a glorious, candy-colored technical wonder. A wall of lamps illuminates the theater, a disco ball sparkles, and a fluorescent moon changes colors overhead...It is a production which embraces the fundamental strangeness of the play, its psychosexual ambiguity and, uneasy negotiation of the boundaries between dreams and reality."

- Eve Houghton, Yale Herald

"...the right balance of eerie and desolate for the play’s tone and locale"

- Amanda Cooper, New Theatre Corps

Dancing Lessons

"Kudos to Penguin regulars Patrick Rizzotti, the scenic designer, Dustin Cross, costume designer, and especially Christina Watanabe for her deeply affecting lighting design."

- Peter Danish, Broadway World


"She ingeniously took risks with surreal lighting choices, like a vast, violet, starry, sky splashed across the confined and ugly motel walls against the more realistic, dirty, colors of the harsh reality that’s imagined by May and Eddie."

- Le-Anne Garland, Theatre Is Easy

Dandy Darkly's Trigger Happy

"The lighting design by Christina Watanabe was striking. It was spooky yet optimistic."

- Michael Block, Theatre In the Now


"Christina Watanabe’s lighting stunningly emphasizes the show’s dramatic moments. Her use of color and her manipulation of shadows in particular turn the stage into a stark and dangerous space. "

-Rachel Lepore, Theatre is Easy